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Welcome to Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center.

I don't normally write the text for our laser tattoo removal website. I'm a medical doctor. Writing is not my area of expertise. But what I want to say is so important to anyone considering laser tattoo removal that I thought I'd change my normal approach and write to you on a personal basis.

A lot of people ask about our advanced PicoSure Laser (picosecond technology) for tattoo removal, and why it's so much better than any other tattoo removal treatment or technology. I've tried to explain it, but I'm not very good at it. So I decided to write this just as if we were sitting down face to face.

There's an old saying that goes something like this, "The only thing that is constant is change."

So far so good. I'm getting my 3rd treatment today. Dr. Schwartz makes it painless. It's fading nicely after only 2 treatments." Sarah Kennedy

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Change is the Rule of Life

Change is the rule of life. And if you live anywhere on Planet Earth, it doesn't take long to see it.

People change, tastes change, situations change. Nothing stays the same forever. For good or bad.

But there's no shame in it either. It's natural. It's part of our DNA. It's part of being human.


Sometimes change is forced on us. Like weather, taxes and politicians. But quite often it's completely voluntary. Like the toothpaste we use, the books we read, or the color of our favorite shoes.

And so it is with tattoos.

As a Board Certified Medical Doctor, I've spent my career in the field of reconstructive surgery. So, as you can imagine, I see a daily stream of people who are ready for change. And for a wide variety of reasons.

...I was really nervous coming in to get my tattoo removed. I thought it would be really painful. It wasn't at all. Dr. Schwartz numbed the area and I practically felt nothing at all. I am very grateful to Dr. Schwartz for making my experience a pleasant one." Kiley C, Los Angeles California

End the Struggle

But most of my tattoo removal clients are simply ready to end the struggle. Their tattoo has somehow changed. Not in a physical may still be perfectly clear and visible. But it's changed none-the-less.

For example, it's changed their wardrobe. They no longer feel comfortable wearing fashions that are too revealing. Or it's changed their livelihood, by placing limits on the jobs and positions they can attain.


For some, their military applications and appointments have been denied. And for others, its the constant reminder of a moment in time they're ready to leave behind, and just M-O-V-E O-N.

But regardless of their reason or motivation, they rely on us to solve just one problem. Tattoo Removal.
PicoSure Technology

And that's exactly why we use only the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available........the Picosure Laser......its delivers amazingly quick, effective results, and with no harm to the surrounding skin.

PicoSure Technology is far superior to the q-switch nano-technology of the past.

Science has made some changes too, and it's made a huge leap with picosecond technology. That means you benefit from the fastest, most effective laser on Planet Earth. In fact, our PicoSure Laser is 100 times faster than its now distant cousin, nano-technology. And better yet, it amazingly affordable!

Very informative with regards to costs and expectations prior to the procedure. This new technology laser was quick and relatively painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz." - Thomas Hodges, Monterey Park, CA

Our PicoSure laser can eliminate your tattoo in 6 sessions or less. About 70% of our clients get remarkable results with only 3-4 sessions.

We can also remove permanent eyebrow tattoos and other forms of permanent makeup. Click this link if you are interesting in more information about permanent makeup removal in Los Angeles, CA.

If you're ready to make a change, click the link below to schedule your FREE, no obligation, consultation. During the consultation we'll measure the size of your tattoo, and assess the inks that were used. You'll get a FREE estimate of the number of treatments needed to remove your tattoo with our PicoSure laser. And if you like, we'll start your treatments immediately afterward, saving you even more time.

Ready to make a change? Click on the link below and set up your FREE consultation.

I hope you'll do it, because this is what works!

Why Choose Us?

  • We Use PicoSure Lasers for Faster Results.
  • All Treatments by Board Certified Physicians.
  • We Take the Pain Out of Your Treatments -
    (by offering topical gels and Tumescent Anesthesia, for Hyper-Sensitive Skin)
  • 0% Financing
  • No Surgeries.
  • No Scarring
  • Optimal Comfort and Care
  • 100% Free Consultations


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