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After laser tattoo removal, you want to return normal daily activities. Because laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure, you do need to follow a few post-treatment care procedures.

These steps will help ensure the site heals appropriately. Furthermore, failure to follow these guidelines may result in additional sessions, permanent scarring, and other damage to your skin.

Stay Hydrated.

Your skin will be inflamed following the procedure. You may notice swelling and minimal pain at the removal site. To help combat inflammation, you need to stay hydrated.

Plenty of water helps promote circulation and removal of toxins from the body. The laser breaks down the tattoo ink, which is then removed from your body by the lymphatic system (similar to your bloodstream).

So remember, drink lots of water. More water, More water than that. Are you drinking water yet?

Eat Healthy.

Tattoo removal is all about regaining control over your body, and eating healthy remains a crucial step in effective tattoo removal.

Eating healthy foods provides the body with a nutrient-rich formula for promoting healing. Furthermore, some foods contain precursors to fibers within the skin. As a result, your removal site will be less likely to scar.

Avoid Alcohol, Smoking, and Coffee.

While having a glass of wine may not seem like much, any alcohol consumption will promote dehydration. This same principle applies to caffeine intake.

Avoid dark teas, coffee, and soda. However, green and white teas contain antioxidants, which will help the healing process.

Smoking introduces harmful chemicals to the body, which may disrupt the healing of your removal site. Depending on the location of the removal site, you could accidentally drop ashes or tobacco onto the area. This may cause infection, bleeding, or other complications.

Reduce Exposure to Sunlight.

UVA and UVB wavelengths of sunlight cause burning and damage to the skin. Since your removal site is considered a wound, excess exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration, ineffectiveness of the procedure, or scarring.

When you do go outside, wear a high-quality sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more.  Reapply the sunblock every other hour while in direct sunlight. Avoid sunblock with sunless tanning components, which may cause permanent discoloration of the removal site.

Keep the site covered during the few days after your tattoo removal session.

Keep the Area Moisturized.

After your session, your skin will take on the appearance of sunburn. Apply a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment to the area in the morning, at lunch, and at bedtime.

This will help keep the area bacteria-free. Avoid scrubbing the area when showering until the wound has healed.

Apply Ice Packs, and Take Acetaminophen as Needed For Pain.

Pain after laser tattoo removal should be minimal; however, everyone’s skin is different. If needed, apply an ice pack to the area for 10 minutes. More than 10 minutes may result in frostbite. If an ice pack does not help, you may take acetaminophen per the manufacturer’s dosage instructions.

You had your personal reasons for getting a tattoo, and you have personal reasons for removing it. By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of a complication-free, successful tattoo removal.

The medical professionals at Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center can help remove tattoos with the PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal system. Call us at (626) 219-8486, or fill out the online contact form to schedule your free consultation. You have nothing to lose, except for that old tattoo.

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