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A Formal Break from an Ink-Colored Past via Tattoo Removal Services

Tattoos are often a major part of belonging to a community or organizations, such as gangs. However, such expressions of artistic talent on your skin may be a liability when you are ready for a brand new start. This explains a need to undergo tattoo removals to […]

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To schedule a Free Consultation, please call us at (626) 793-5134, or send us an email, and we'll contact you to confirm an appointment date and time....Read More

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Our Staff of Board Certified Physicians hold Medical Degrees and Post-Graduate Certifications from the following Universities....Read More


There are many factors that affect the time involved in removing a tattoo, including where the tattoo is located on your body, the colors, age, and other factors....Read More

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We are located between S. Pasadena Avenue and S. Arroyo Pkwy., and 1 block south of E. Del Mar Blvd. in Pasadena California....Read More
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