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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Tattoo After Tattoo Removal

After laser tattoo removal, you want to return normal daily activities. Because laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure, you do need to follow a few post-treatment care procedures. These steps will help ensure the site heals appropriately. Furthermore, failure to follow these guidelines may result in additional sessions, […]

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The Worst and Best Ways to Remove a Tattoo

Tattoos have been getting more popular every year, and the trend shows no sign of ending anytime soon. What was once a practice more or less confined to sailors, bikers, and South Sea islanders has become a hip fashion statement that crosses all socioeconomic lines. Just about […]

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“No Ragrets” Tattoo Removal

In life, it’s important to live with no ragrets. Wait, ragrats? Regerts! No—rugrats! Regrets! That’s the one! In life, it’s important to live with no regrets; that’s something this We’re the Millers movie character seems to embrace in the abstract, but has only a slight handle on […]

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What Can You Expect When Getting a Tattoo Removed with PicoSure?

There are a number of reasons why people get tattoos and–not surprisingly–just as many reasons why they want to get rid of them. Whether you’re sick of your tattoo and just don’t think it looks good anymore, want to portray a cleaner image in your career or […]

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5 Beauty Tips to Taking Care of Your Skin

Looking good means more than having a nice outfit, it means having healthy skin that is bright and radiant. As your body’s largest organ, your skin requires tender care to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to keeping your skin beautiful that you can do every day. […]

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Change of Heart: Laser Tattoo Removal Helps in Millennials’ Journey

In the past twenty years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people who get tattoos. An article in The Atlantic cites statistics which show that around 20% of Americans today have tattoos, and 40% of them come from the ranks of the millennials. […]

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Examining the Technologies Used in Laser Tattoo Removal in Los Angeles

In the past, tattoos were mainly symbols of toughness and were commonly seen in men. These days, a lot of women get them too, opting for tattoos that express their femininity or their unique qualities. Take celebrities like Nicole Richie, for instance. Along with her wild hair […]

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Regret and Other Leading Reasons for Tattoo Removal in Los Angeles

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to express your individuality or show how independent you are. Perhaps you want to immortalize an important event in your life. These were the most common motives discovered in a previous study featured in an article […]

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How Do You Remove A Tattoo?

How Do You Remove A Tattoo?

Ever Wonder How Laser Tattoo Removal Works? Well Dustin from over at Smart Every Day made this awesome image to break it down in just 10 seconds. Check it out!     What you are seeing in the picture is this: 1. The tattoo ink is lodged in […]

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What People Should Know About Tattoos When Enlisting in the Military

Many people have tattoos these days, with little concern about how it can affect their careers. It’s become more of a norm, after all, with more people getting inked, despite having corporate jobs. Apart from desk jobs, however, another career that has strict policies about tattoos—which not […]

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