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In the past twenty years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people who get tattoos. An article in The Atlantic cites statistics which show that around 20% of Americans today have tattoos, and 40% of them come from the ranks of the millennials. According to Anne Velliquette, a professor at the University of Arkansas, the world we live in now has become  fragmented partly because of popular culture. It is no accident that one-third of the millennial generation are inked (or have been). Contrary to popular belief, these people didn’t get inked because they wanted to look cool, or become “rebels”; a huge factor behind the decision for many is to resolve and to affirm their identities.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The current generation is now exposed to pop culture, multiculturalism, and of course the Internet – which, experts say, have somehow made the millennial generation more “detached”. During the 2014 midterm elections, for example, it was estimated that only 21% of the millennials voted, and that a lot of the younger generation remains undecided about their political affiliations. They may find themselves agreeing with Republicans one day, and Democrats the next. Many millennials are now more open to sensitive issues and ideas, but fail to make a definite stand.

As a result of the more diverse and open thinking that most millennials possess, many are yet developing a sense of who they are. The decision to get inked is a way of cementing their ideologies and taking a stand. Getting tattoos is a way of committing to a thought or idea.

The Problem

One problem, however, is that millennials also find it easy to recreate their identities. Someone can love barbecue today, and become vegetarian tomorrow, all because he or she has gained a piece of information that drastically changed his/her opinions. What then happens to the “I love meat” tattoo? Luckily, anyone who has a change of heart can now turn to laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal allows them to redefine themselves and take a step towards a new belief. Some get their tattoos removed only to replace them with a new one. If you are one of these people who no longer feel an attachment towards your ink, then approach trusted tattoo removal centers like Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center in Los Angeles and ask them for a Picosure procedure. Picosure works faster than traditional tattoo removal techniques and is more effective at removing colors like black, green, and blue.

Identity building is an important part of growing up, and making the wrong choice the first time shouldn’t stop you from finding out what really matters to you.


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