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In life, it’s important to live with no ragrets. Wait, ragrats? Regerts! No—rugrats! Regrets! That’s the one!

In life, it’s important to live with no regrets; that’s something this We’re the Millers movie character seems to embrace in the abstract, but has only a slight handle on in practice.

Viral – No Ragrets for We’re the Millers on TrailerAddict.

Tattoos are a very personal, sometimes painful, and (mostly) permanent thing. They’re the ultimate means of self-expression, and say to the world “I am proud to be who I am, even if that means decorating my skin using sharp needles!” It’s human nature to want to put your mark on the world, and sometimes that means paying someone else to put an artistically crafted mark on you.

It’s also human nature to make mistakes.

Very often, those mistakes manifest in spelling errors and typographic mistakes; the fine young gentlemen in the trailer above can certainly relate. Sometimes those spelling mistakes refer to entire names—like an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s name. At one point in your life, you may have loved Olivia, but your heart now belongs to Britney—or is it Brittany? Either way, the old tattoo proclamation of love is now outdated and romantically off-putting.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a change in tastes. Back in art school, you may have loved the cubism style of art so much that you tattooed Pablo Picasso’s entire Guernica to your body; years later, you’ve learned that cubism’s really just for squares.

Whatever your situation may be, the Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center is the premier place to go and correct those mistakes. The Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center staff is talented, compassionate, and well-equipped with a sense of humor (also: premium-grade laser tattoo removal equipment). There’s no need to feel embarrassed about coming to correct a past mistake; no matter what your story is, we can guarantee you that we’ve heard worse—and it’s totally fine no matter what.

If you have any questions about the tattoo removal process, feel free to consult our FAQ’s page or find us at our Contact page. We look forward to helping you show the world what you’re really made of; we promise no “ragrets.”

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