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Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Removal – Los Angeles, CA


We Can Remove Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos and Many Cosmetic Tattoos


Permanent makeup is most often used on the eyebrows and lips. It common for many women to want to lighten or remove their permanent makeup after some time.

Using laser tattoo removal technology, we are able to lighten and remove permanent eyebrows and other cosmetic tattoos


Not all cosmetic tattoos are the same. Depending on the location, ink color, age, and depth of the ink we can determine if your cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup is eligible for laser tattoo removal.

The absolute best way to find out what it will take to remove your unwanted tattoo is to contact us and schedule your free tattoo removal consultation appointment. The is no charge until you start treatments.


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free consultation for tattoo removal in los angeles

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