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Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal versus Old Mechanical Methods


Picosure Tattoo Removal in Los Angeles, CA



Pasadena Laser Aesthetic Center uses the worlds fastest tattoo removal laser, Picosure. Picosure laser tattoo removal technology is the world’s first safe and effective picosecond aesthetic laser. It has so many benefits and advantages over other methods used for tattoo removal that it is considered to be the number one option for tattoo removal today.

If you have ever tried any other option for tattoo removal, you will find picosure laser technology to be the best choice, especially when compared to older mechanical methods.


A Little History…



Before the introduction of laser tattoo removal technology, several older mechanical techniques were used to remove tattoos. Some of these methods include surgical excision, dermabrasion, salabrasion, and tattoo removal creams.



Any procedure that involves the use of a scalpel is highly invasive. Surgical excision is a process that requires the use of a scalpel to remove the skin containing the tattoo. After the procedure is over, the surgeon stitches the wound and allows it to heal. Although efficient for smaller tattoos, this process is highly invasive and invariably leaves unwanted scarring.

These unwanted scars lead to great dissatisfaction in patients. Due to this complication, excision is more suited for smaller tattoos, leading to smaller scars.


Salabration involves scraping the top layer of the skin by using table salt and a moist gauze pad. Dermabrasion is another procedure that involves scraping and resurfacing of the skin tissue. This process uses either a spinning diamond fraise wheel or a wire brush.
Both salabration and dermabrasion are highly mechanical because they involve physical pressure. Usually undesirable consequences result, such as, redness, swelling, bleeding, changes in skin color, infection, and scarring. In certain circumstances, some of the tissue and blood particles removed can be transferred into the skin, which will lead to infection.





Picosure tattoo removal technology is the best technology available for tattoo removal for many reasons.

1. Some tattoos can be very challenging to remove. Professionally done tattoos are usually applied deeply into the skin, and darker tattoos such as blue and black ink tattoos are very challenging to remove. Picosure lasers use PressureWave technology to shatter tattoo ink. Pressure waves from picosecond lasers are extremely effective in shattering ink particles and hence can solve the challenging problem of removing difficult tattoos.

2. Picosure laser technology is more efficient in clearing cosmetic tattoos (multicolored tattoos, especially blue and green pigments) than other methods.

3. Picosure pulses are short and extremely fast (trillionths of a second).

4. Picosure technology allows a faster recovery time because there is less damage to the tissue surrounding the tattoo area. This reduces the risk of scarring.

Our Picosecond laser will eliminate your tattoo in 6 sessions or less, guaranteed. About 70% of our clients get remarkable results with only 3-4 sessions. We encourage you to choose our pico-technology today.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation for your laser tattoo removal at our center here in Pasadena, California.


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