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People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to express your individuality or show how independent you are. Perhaps you want to immortalize an important event in your life. These were the most common motives discovered in a previous study featured in an article by WebMD.

The reasons for wanting to get rid of the tattoo are also as varied. Victoria Beckham for one has been rumored to be getting tattoo removal because, according to some sources, she wants to be taken seriously as a businesswoman and her body art is negatively affecting her image. In some recent pictures of the fashion designer, her prominent tattoos related to her husband David Beckham and her beautiful children looked faded, which doesn’t happen normally or too obviously to permanent tattoos unless they are being erased through lasers.

Others are also getting their tattoos removed because they feel that the permanent markings are holding them back in job interviews or promotions. This happens more often when the tattoos are in highly visible body parts like the arms (Victoria has inking on her wrists), the legs and the neck. They might have gotten the body art when they were younger, when they didn’t realize that it could be detrimental to future job or business prospects.

Regrets and Wrong Choices

Aside from trying to look more professional, some people might develop feelings of regret right after getting the tattoo or years after the painful event because of the tattoo’s design. They might be embarrassed about their tattoos because they were made in bad taste or poor judgment.


Other people might find it challenging to wear the clothes they like because the tattoo design or colors clash with their outfit choices. Some women would also want to remove tattoos that would be visible when wearing their wedding dress. On the other hand, some aficionados simply want to remove their existing tattoos to make room for new ones.

No matter what your reason is, you need to make the right choice in professionals who will perform the tattoo removal. After all, you don’t want to end up with new regrets. Established clinics like the Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center in Los Angeles can be counted on to use the finest technology and techniques to remove your tattoos efficiently.


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