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The Complete Guide to Tattoo Removal Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Why Remove Your Tattoo?

With the surging popularity of tattoos over the last 20 years, it‘s only natural that there would be the same kind of surge in tattoo removal.

As tattoos became more accepted, even trendy and fashionable…as movie stars, athletes, and rock stars started showing off their ink…as the number of tattoo parlors in each city started to rival the number of Starbucks (over 20,000 now in the US!) as all this popularity and convenience soared, there were bound to be some rushed decisions, mistakes and regrets.

It‘s a statistical fact that if more people are getting tattoos, more people are regretting them as well.

So why does anyone get a tattoo removed at all?


To live is to change. We love some things as kids that we can’t stand as adults, and vice versa. We make decisions with 100% commitment one year, and a few years later wonder how we could ever have thought they were good decisions. It’s called “being human,” and it happens to us all. Just take a look at some of the celebrities who have decided to remove their tattoos and you‘ll see a similar pattern:

  • Johnny Depp had to have his “Winona Forever” tattoo removed when his relationship with Winona Ryder came to an end.
  • Britney Spears decided her interest in Kabbalah wasn‘t as deep as she originally thought, so she had her Hebrew tattoo removed.
  • Rapper 50 Cent decided to pursue an acting career, so he choose to remove some of his ink, because it would mean less time in the make-up chair before each shoot.
  • Mark Wahlberg decided to have his all old tattoos removed, and he took his oldest children with him so they could learn from his youthful mistakes.

What do all these stories have in common? Just that people change. Period. Sometimes quickly …..and sometimes slowly. As we grow, we fall in and out love, our beliefs and opinions evolve, we move into new careers, and what’s important and valuable to us changes too. Since tattoos so often symbolize deeply meaningful things to us, when our values and passions change our tattoos may lose some of that meaning.


People in the recruiting industry have a nickname for visible tattoos on the neck and forearms, they call them “jobkillers.” This article points out that employers still don‘t look kindly on visible ink when it comes to hiring or promoting employees. A visible tattoo is one of the number one reasons employers give for not extending promotions to employees, right up there with visible body piercings and bad breath.

In some jobs this may not be as big a deal—the food and beverage, entertainment, creative services and general labor industries have shown relatively open acceptance to tasteful tattoos in their employees. But if you’re looking to move into a more conservative, professional industry or to get promoted past lower management, having visible ink is a deal-breaker.




Another major reason for tattoo removal is to get another tattoo! Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? This is particularly common when the tattoo wasn’t done exactly right the first time.

Many tattoo removal patients use the service to lighten one tattoo so that they can put a different design in its place. Lightening dark colors and old ink gives tattoo artists the ability to design a better cover-up tattoo because they don’t actually have to worry about covering up certain parts of the skin.

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