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Tattoos have been getting more popular every year, and the trend shows no sign of ending anytime soon. What was once a practice more or less confined to sailors, bikers, and South Sea islanders has become a hip fashion statement that crosses all socioeconomic lines.

Just about everyone agrees, tattoos are cool.

Except when they’re not any more. All too often people who got a tattoo on a whim when they were young and daring are having second thoughts about it as they get older and become more settled.

Maybe they feel it’s holding them back in their career, or they have children now and don’t think a tattoo sets a good example. Or maybe they’re just tired of looking at it, and they want it gone.

If you’re one of those people having buyers remorse and looking for a way to ditch the tat, know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

You can waste time and money with no results, or you can have it removed quickly and easily the professional way.

The Wrong Way To Have a Tattoo Removed

There are a lot of products and services out there that promise results but in reality are just ways to separate you from your money, and possibly cause you serious injury. Two of the most common are;

Creams, gels, and scrubs – There are a lot of these products being sold online that promise to fade and eventually erase your tattoo. The problem is these are applied to the outside of your skin and the ink that forms the tattoo is underneath the outer layer of skin.

That means most of these products are simply worthless, because they won’t reach that deep into the skin. Some, however, contain an acid that is supposed to remove that outer layer. It’ll do that, and leave you with painful acid burns and possibly permanent scarring. Avoid these products like the plague.

Chemical injection – This method is supposed to remove a tattoo by injecting a chemical solution underneath the skin, breaking up the ink and forcing it to the surface, eventually leeching it away. The method was developed by Rejuvi Laboratories and often goes by that name.

Results have been mixed at best, but it’s certain that many people have experienced horrible side effects, including painful swelling and discoloration, infections, bruising, and permanent scars. The risks involved make this a procedure to stay away from.

The Right Way To Remove a Tattoo

Currently, the only really safe and effective way to get rid of an unwanted tattoo is with laser removal by a medical professional. The technology behind laser removal has improved drastically just over the last few years.

A decade ago the procedure was imperfect and involved up to 20 treatments to be effective, there was a significant risk of scarring, and no guarantee that the tattoo would be completely removed.

New laser technology has made it possible to remove a tattoo with as little as three short sessions, with much better results and only a 1% chance of leaving a scar. If you’re serious about getting rid of your tattoo and want to avoid the risks of non-medical procedures, laser removal is the only option.

For more information about safe and effective laser tattoo removal, contact us at Pasadena Aesthetic Laser Center by calling (626) 793-5134, or visit us online to schedule your free tattoo removal removal consultation!

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