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Many people have tattoos these days, with little concern about how it can affect their careers. It’s become more of a norm, after all, with more people getting inked, despite having corporate jobs. Apart from desk jobs, however, another career that has strict policies about tattoos—which not a lot of people may be aware of—is the military. Every branch of the armed forces places a high emphasis on upholding standards, and this includes the different rules about where recruits can have tattoos and what they may contain. In addition, each branch of the military has different criteria for what they consider acceptable.

What People Should Know About Tattoos When Enlisting in the Military

Luckily, individuals who are thinking about joining the armed forces can get laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles to make sure that they comply with existing guidelines before applying. The following are some of the rules that different branches of the military have in place regarding tattoos.

Air Force

Tattoos that are deemed obscene, or appear to advocate racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual discrimination are absolutely not allowed. This policy stands true whether or not the officer is in uniform. Covering it up won’t do, too, so the only other option left is for the person to get tattoo removal treatment with PicoSure in Los Angeles.

• Marines

The Marines has a relatively restrictive policy towards tattoos, prohibiting anything that could potentially be considered offensive. Sleeve tattoos are not allowed if they can be seen when a person is wearing a physical training uniform. Tattoos inside the mouth are also prohibited. In addition, people may not have tattoos on their wrists, fingers, hands, neck or head.

• Army

The Army’s official policies have become a bit more tolerant towards body art in recent years, and people are now able to join even if they have tattoos on the back of their neck or hands. However, individuals will still need to get laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles if their tattoos are in any way racist, sexist, indecent, or extreme.

• Navy

Any arm tattoos that are larger than a person’s hand need to be removed without requiring a waiver. Tattoos should also be able to be covered with standard Navy uniform items. In addition, people will not be able to join the Navy if their tattoos can, in any way, be considered extreme or divisive.


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