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There are a number of reasons why people get tattoos and–not surprisingly–just as many reasons why they want to get rid of them.

Whether you’re sick of your tattoo and just don’t think it looks good anymore, want to portray a cleaner image in your career or personal life, or have another reason for wanting that tattoo out of your life for good, there’s now an option out there that’s superior to any other tattoo removal method.

It’s called Picosure, and you will be amazed at the results you get with this revolutionary treatment. PicoSure offers fewer treatments, less discomfort, and better results than other treatment methods. If you’ve never heard of PicoSure before or just want to learn more, here’s a short guide of what you can expect from consultation to final result.



The first step in this process is consulting with a doctor that offers the procedure. This consultation is completely free.

The doctor will get some basic information including asking if you have any health problems that may cause issues during treatment. The doctor will then measure the quality of the ink in your tattoo to find out how responsive it will be to the PicoSure laser.

After a thorough evaluation including measuring the size of the tattoo, the doctor will discuss the removal process, how many treatments it will take, and the removal cost with you based on what they see with your tattoo.

Once you get everything all sorted out with the doctor, they will then work with you to set up a treatment schedule that works for you.



PicoSure uses FDA-approved laser technology to deliver short pulses extremely quickly–we’re talking trillionth’s of a second–to shatter ink particles.

Aside from being extremely effective, one of the best things about this treatment method is that it only takes about 60 seconds for each treatment.

Additionally, PicoSure causes much less and discomfort than traditional lasers. The sensation is likened to the skin being snapped with a rubber band or splattered with hot grease.

The staff also has access to many different options to help make the process as conformable as possible like the Zimmer Medical Air Chiller, lidocaine, and other numbing creams.

Post-Treatment Care


After the treatment, ointment will be applied to the area to help soothe the skin and begin the healing process. A dressing will then be applied over the tattoo. In the coming days, you’ll want to make sure to follow these post-treatment care guidelines:

*Keep your tattoo out of the sunlight for several days after treatment.

*Wait for a day before you shower.

*Remove the dressing before showering, but make sure not to put soap or scrub the tattoo during the shower.

*After showering, reapply ointment and cover the tattoo with a clean dressing.

*After a couple weeks, the skin may become itchy or start to peel. Refrain from itching the skin; if you have to, you can gently slap the area to make the itchiness go away.

Further Treatment


Your tattoo will fade away in between treatments as your immune system breaks down and eliminates the ink from your system. You’ll need to wait about 4 to 8 weeks in between treatments.

At your second treatment, the doctor will see how your responded to the initial treatment to determine how many sessions are needed to completely remove the tattoo.

While other tattoo removal methods can take 10-15 sessions to remove the tattoo, you’ll only need 4-6 treatments with PicoSure to erase the tattoo for good. That saves you time and money in the long run!


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